julius lyles

American,  b.  1964

Artist Consultant | Cultivator | Engineer | Father | Human Being | Executive Director | Independent Curatorial Advisor | Mentor | Multi-Medium Artist | Realist | Resident of Planet Earth | Social Activist | Teacher and Teachable...

“I try to closely read, and listen to, and look at, literature, philosophy, music, and all kinds of visual art. If I can pay close enough attention, things start to blur toward the point of a disappearance that makes it possible to see through them. In this regard, I have focused all of my creative endeavors around a general theme of our common earthiness and its cosmological implications  •  I strive for internal change within self and the process of creating is extremely therapeutic, thus transcending in my artistic vision. Art isn't a mirror but a window, or a lens; and criticism  •  Visual interpretation represents a rather acute outlook, in which either color, stroke, composition and the presence and force of comprehensiveness provokes socio-cultural change within theoretical development.”